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Canadians creating their Twitter and LinkedIn cosmologies

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Is social media growing in Canada?

For Canadians, it’s often easier to get information on the digital landscape through our neighbour to the south (for obivous reasons). But what of digital Canada?

In Social Cosmology: Social media is creating its own multiverse, I blogged about the potential for social media as it accelerates into the future. You’ll find some interesting Twitter stats. In SocRev: The social revolution and its potential to revolutionize the corporation, I referenced similar statistics on LinkedIn.

Digital Canada

comScore just did a report on the Canadian digital space (or is that “Canadian digital space?”).

In Canada, with respect to unique visitors:

  • Twitter grew 27 per cent
  • LinkedIn grew 38 per cent

comscore slide

While Facebook’s growth has slowed, Twitter and LinkedIn are two growing portals in social media defining their positions in the social media multiverse. Twitter and LinkedIn have been growing at a rapid pace in Canada (and abroad), and they continued that trend in 2012.

Pinterest (especially) and Tumblr grew faster, but will they have the longevity Twitter and LinkedIn promise?

RBC did a study reporting that use of social media amongst small businesses is almost as popular as websites. *

Some say there’s no place for social media …

Have they been speaking to Canadians?

Find the report here.

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The social multiverse at work?

A friend of mine sent me the following, startled at how similar the beginning of it was to my pieces on the social multiverse. Interesting …

How Twitter Is Reshaping The Future Of Storytelling



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March 6, 2013 at 12:13 pm

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