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Social Media: A universe expanding at an incredible rate

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The more researchers study the social media space, the more value and productivity they find. Social media, enterprise media, hangs like the baby in Kubrick’s famous movie.

What does that baby represent?

A nascent technology evolving into something like a new consciousness. A metaphor for what we are becoming: SocialMind.

The collaborative expansion of knowledge-sharing for those who search becomes the competitive advantage of those who find. Creation is cosmology.

The cosmology of social media. The context of enterprise media.

Just as a focus on searching our galaxy and universe are uncovering astronomical and astrophysical discoveries day after day, so, too, are researchers finding a cosmology of the new enterprise. We are continuously looking for ways to leverage competitive advantage through new tools creating new holes in the fabric of old enterprise.

Theoretical physics in the shape of Higgs-boson, has shown us that we may exist in a multiverse. Our universe may be getting smaller as our knowledge goes beyond our stars.

The astronomy of the social media value add

McKinsey Global Institute’s research shows social media could unleash “value and productivity” through communication and collaboration that could add $1.3 trillion to the economy.

Most of this value would come through productivity:

  • 98 per cent of the value add would come through the professional services companies sector

Social media universe? Multiverse? Consider what companies like Oracle, and Microsoft are doing:

  • bought GoInstant and Buddy Media

Short-term damage done and enormous opportunity

These purchases indicate where enterprise companies are going. The Facebook IPO damaged the reputation of social media, but that’s in the short-term.


Because interactions workers have the highest spread of profits per employee. Because what companies saw as their business before the explosion of social technologies, is not what they see as their business now.

Not alone.

Evolving through holes in space:

Breaking through to the new business model

Companies are lookng through holes in space. They are looking to evolve. Disruptive technologies create as part of their process.

Organizations are going through wormholes. They are seeing other worlds. Their visions and strategies continue to develop as they embrace enterprise media to travel beyond their old business models.

Ask yourself:

Where do breakthroughs come from?

The companies mentioned above aren’t in the habit of following. They are leaders. Leaders in enterprise.

The future is social. The future is perpetual change.

In industries like banking, this will be huge. Make your most important capital, your people, more effective, and you will dramatically increase the profit spread per employee. Connected by the potential in social technologies, we communicate, we collaborate, we create our cosmologies of knowledge.

Nielsen recently found total time spent on social media (U.S., PCs and mobile) increased 37% to 121 billion minutes.


To touch the face of your audience

Banking and financial services clearly demonstrate the need for tools that can reach out and engage consumers with great immediacy. The financial crisis, multiple scandals including LIBOR, are all examples of ongoing media stories compounding the reputational damage to an industry full of hard-working, honest people.

With the financial crisis, we have seen the greatest business upheaval in most of our lifetimes. The need to reach out and engage with publics to restore trust is not an option. The bold step is a necessity.

Shock wave and rebirth

The reputational damage left after the financial crisis is a star going supernova, still spreading its shock wave. But supernovae created the building blocks of life.

Reaching out, engaging, informing publics that have been burned by an exploding star, and listening to them, is crucial.

Missing the potential in these channels will separate the forward-looking from the fearful. And more channels will be born.

Social media in the context of enterprise media is spreading its influence. It’s an explosion of tweets blasting through our collective consciousness. We are going beyond where we’ve gone before.

I am become social, the creator of worlds

We are the SocialMind

Organizations are touching the faces of audiences through ideas and channels that were once just concepts. Companies are communicating with their audiences as they exist in their own times and spaces through a cloud interface.

Through social technologies, we have become something different. We are the SocialMind.

We are the creators of worlds.

What kind of worlds will we create?

Our starships are enterprise media travelling at the speed of light within and without organizational planets and galaxies.

We are going beyond where we have gone before …

And we are all made of stars.


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The social multiverse at work?

A friend of mine sent me the following, startled at how similar the beginning of it was to my pieces on the social multiverse. Interesting …

How Twitter Is Reshaping The Future Of Storytelling

Update: Here’s a great infographic on Social Media ROI.

Infographic: The ROI of Social Media
Infographic by MDG Advertising

Coming soon:

Universes. Multiverses. Messages. Creating social cosmologies.

More on social media? Find it here:

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