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How can social media help with lead generation if you’re not using it for lead generation?

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You’ve got to plant seedlings to growplmotree

Some have criticized social media for lead generation. But it’s harder to criticize a tool if you’re not using it.

Eloqua posted an interesting infographic recently, showing*:

  • 65 per cent of B2B marketers are using social media


  • 40 per cent know they’re not using its full potential

But what really stands out is:

  • 53 per cent aren’t using it for demand generation

Now, if these companies aren’t using social media for demand generation could that be part of the reason why some are questioning the validity of social media for demand generation?

Are you leading from the back?

Consider yourself a strategic thinker?

Consider this:

  • 43 per cent of companies said they had no strategy in place when it came to social media and demand generation

Now, let’s see:

If you don’t build it, will they come?

If you don’t make it part of your strategy, will you build it?

While LinkedIn is three times more effective than other popular social media platforms for lead generation, use of LinkedIn trails other major platforms.

Know what you know

Metrics are important. The ongoing story of social media tools and best practices for using those tools bears close attention. Measuring your social media activity is the only way to provide yourself with great data. Broad research informs but is in no way a replacement for your direct research.

Studies are useful but your own personal, professional use of social will differ from studies. There’s no better intelligence for how your social strategy’s working than your own measurement.

Here’s an interesting read from McKinsey on social intelligence.

McKinsey thinks social intel is changing old-school intel.

Dig the “crowd”

In another study:

  • 69 per cent of executives said they used social tools
  • Senior managers were more likely to post questions and engage with thought leaders via social networks during research processes
  • More than 40 per cent of social media users said they followed discussions/threads to learn more about topics they were researching
  • 37 per cent said they posted specific questions on social networking sites seeking feedback on how others solved specific business challenges
  • Nearly 90 per cent indicated that blogs impacted their research during the “Solution Analysis” phase and 3 in 4 respondents used social media

B2B buyers like to share experiences after purchase:

  • 60 per cent like to share what they learn from their research and buying process
  • One-on-one discussions were most common for sharing insights
  • Blogs and discussion forums on social sites are a growing area

Zeno just did a study showing:

That is a truly shocking statistic today. And it shows B2B is trailing behind B2C in social thought leadership.

Your own personal Catch 22

Not using social? Missing an opportunity to connect with important audiences?

The questions are:

  • Do researchers using social media have an edge on those who aren’t?
  • Will neglecting to use social media for research purposes kill a crucial value add?
  • Will neglecting social media become a growing weakness for businesses not involved?


  • Will companies miss out on executive audiences who are active on social media?

It’s time to go where corporate decision-makers play.

Social media is a tool. A forest is made up of many trees.

How full is your toolbox?

How many seedlings are you using to grow the forest for your bigger picture?

Grow some trees.

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More on social media? Find it here:

You can find the Eloqua infographic here. They’ve adopted a galaxy theme. Interesting considering my main metaphors for social media are the universe and the multiverse.

* I put out a request to Eloqua asking them where they got these stats but so far have not heard back. It’s always nice to know where the statistics come from on an infographic. Regarding the stats, it’s not the first time data on social and lead generation have presented similar results.



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December 6, 2012 at 3:35 pm

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