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Too much cash on corporate balance sheets: So, does this mean we can expect higher payouts?

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Corporate balance sheets are overflowing with cash, says David Bianco, Merrill Lynch’s chief U.S. equity strategist in a report.

Ready for a stunner? S&P 500’s constituents are sitting on a record $1.1-trillion (U.S.). $1.1-trillion. Just sitting there. That’s about 11 per cent of their total market cap.

Holding cash is hurting companies, says Bianco. Dividend payouts on the S&P 500 are near historical lows. Bianco suggests high dividend-payers are consistently rewarded with higher share growth.

Stocks with dividends that are growing are outperforming their peers

Update: CIBC says, “Yes, you can,” and increases dividend to share the wealth

TD gives back to investors with second dividend payout increase in one year

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