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Privacy issues: Update on “Three digital considerations for the year(s) to come”

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Is Big Brother following you?

Security issues revealed regarding iPhone

In a piece I wrote a little while ago, “Three digital considerations for the year(s) to come”, I discussed how privacy concerns may continue to gain momentum in our increasingly digitized world. I focused on social media, however, the mobile tools that enable such communication are important.

The Guardian recently published an article, “iPhone keeps records of everywhere you go”, which could be explosive in its revelations. You can watch the video of researchers discussing the “tracking” here.

Coming in the face of RIM being criticized as the most secure mobile network, how will iPhone users respond to Apple? What about policy-makers? How will consumers considering an iPhone purchase respond?

Apple marketing used to use the image of “Big Brother” to portray the competition (Microsoft) in a less than flattering light. But you can’t argue against the fact that this data-gathering of user information seems a lot like the “Big Brother” Apple once targeted in its advertising.

So far, Apple has “declined to respond”. However, communications best practices would suggest that a response should and must come soon.

Will corporate decision-makers take a chance on a product that has such a security flaw? Will RIM’s more secure network look more appealing than ever for the enterprise market?

Will iPhone users look at their phones differently? Will they think differently?

Update: Senator Franken chairs committee on mobile technology and privacyApple and Google have been “invited” to discuss issues related to tracking software and smartphones


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