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Making rain in the mobile device market

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RIM reports Q3 — Who was listening?

Research In Motion Ltd.’s earnings should not come as a surprise. Apple’s success is obvious. It’s almost impossible to escape Apple hype. Is the mobile device war over as some analysts have said?

Who will be the rainmaker?

The other day I was down on a street corner on Bay Street. It was a warm day, and I watched the people hurrying along.

Several paused to check their mobile devices. While this was in no way a scientific study, I noted that every person I saw checking their mobile device was using a RIM product. Every one of them.

Every person writing on their mobile was using a RIM product. I was waiting for someone and stood there for about ten minutes. During that time, the only devices visible were RIM products – in the centre of the financial cyber ether in Canada, during a ten minute window of mobile device observation, the only thing I saw was branded RIM.

Without a doubt there are iPhones around, but there were none around at that moment.

Then RIM began a long line of disappointments ending in recent guidance. New announcements at RIM are about preserving the enterprise business. RIM is the most secure device out there. But what will the consumer demand? Is it about security?

Once RIM started issuing profit warnings, analysts that had previously supported RIM flipped in a hurry.

The future?

The space is going to be ruthlessly competitive. I haven’t even mentioned Google’s Android, a discussion for another day. Apple’s not getting the headlines it was in the summer, but the company’s still experiencing strong sales.

Of course, the focus should be on the future rather than the past. But let’s take stock for a moment …

So, who’s the winner right now?

The consumer.

Choice benefits the consumer, and competition drives innovation. Like many things, it pays to survey the market with an unprejudiced eye and use a device for the way it can most benefit you.

Some have said that the mobile device war is over.


Maybe, it’s barely begun …

Remember when everyone was talking about the death of Apple before the Microsoft cash injection into Apple (many don’t even remember this! See here.) And a few years later, what happened? Apple became an enormous corporation.

Things change.

The tablet war is just starting. Mobile devices and the sector are liquid. Hold on to your hats. It’s going to be raining mobiles and tablets in the very near future, and Apple, RIM and Google are all going to be major precipitation in the device storm.

But who will be the rainmaker?


Written by johnrondina

December 21, 2010 at 3:13 pm

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