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Developing policy and engaging youth

I was talking to someone in a meeting recently, and the conversation got around to the creation of policy. “I know how, but I’m not exactly sure how.” I was looking at a pretty intelligent person, and was a little surprised, but, I’ve heard this before.

A few days later, I talked to a student in his last year of school. We talked policy. The media was full of stories about the greening of Ontario. “You should get involved in policy.” I told him. Like me, he had a very strong interest in talking and thinking about policy.

A public servant does their best to provide professional, non-partisan advice involving a problem or situation. Problems and situations affect people. Sometimes government involvement is necessary.

Here’s how you can intern in policy development and participate in the support and implementation of both programs and policy decisions. You can research, analyze and evaluate issues, prepare papers, reports and presentations that communicate recommendations to decision-makers within government.

In other words, you can become active in your government.

You could help create changes to legislation and the provision of government programs and services provided to Ontarians. Policy analysis can lead to changes in legislation and in the way in which government programs and services are provided to Ontarians.

Have a passion for provincial economic growth?

Into public infrastructure development?

Know you’d like to be involved in green and renewable technology development?

You could contribute to all of these through the Ontario government.

Interested in learning what skills and abilities are important in interning with the Ontario government? Check out the government’s site on interning.


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